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Alice Blue Candle Haul & Review

Me and my hubby were strolling around Glorietta when I remembered reading about Alice Blue Candles from femalenetwork.com (also known as Girltalk). Being a candle junkie that I am lately, I convinced my hubby that I need it and being the supportive guy he is, he likes seeing me happy so he gave in haha 😛 BUT, he reminded me THIS:

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Okay! So I got super excited and went waaay beyond my limit. I was actually going to try one of their 2oz/56.6g in White Tea & Ginger because it’s their best seller but I found the scent too light for my taste so I opted for Cranberry Spice instead.

As you can see, it’s not just one candle. And here’s the story:
The SA told me that the votive ones were on sale for buy one get one until supplies last. So I also bought the scent in Lemongrass. Later that day, I told my hubby that I need to take advantage of the sale so I went back there and bought another scent in Bamboo. I know the last two scents were one of their mild ones but I don’t want to get their lavender and berry as I find those two scents very common. I know I’m being unreasonable again, so much for “trying” right? Here’s the description of the scents anyways.

Cranberry Spice – a fresh mix of cranberries, warmed with soft spice of cinnamon, clove and ginger.

Lemongrass – a combination of lemongrass, neroli, orange blossom, rose and jasmine.

Bamboo – a blend of Asian spices, grassy notes, citrus, jasmine, cyclamen, and lavender.

Okay so I’ll review not about the scents but the performance of these candles, no doubt they all smell good and I love love the scent of Cranberry Spice because of the cinnamon in it. They all gave me a good cold throw which means very strong scent even though it’s not burning yet.

I immediately lighted one of the Bamboo candles and it smells so good! However, it’s a votive one so I have to put it in one of my candle holder and waited for it to melt down and have an even pool, in which, i had a hard time doing so I did the tin foil trick for candles, google it if you want so you’ll know how to burn your candles appropriately. My brother even complimented my room’s scent when he barged in to get some of my moisturizer which was running super low now.

So I was happy with it til it went half way and I noticed thin, drowning wicks 🙁 the fire almost died on me so I went ahead and scoop out some excess wax to give room for the wick to function again, what a waste right? I have to do that two more times and I got really really disappointed with it. Plus, when i turned it off and decided to burn it again, it doesn’t smelled that strong anymore, you have to inhale the candle directly just for you to smell the scent! It also smelled a little bit burned 🙁 such a waste for a 129php candle. Let’s face it, I’m not being cheap or what but it’s pretty expensive for a votive candle which I usually buy for 49php THIS.

I burned Cranberry Spice next and I fell inlove with it, it pooled evenly though I still used the tin foil trick just to make sure. But then again, after the first burn, the scent got weaker but it’s still the dominant scent in my room now.

Cranberry Spice burning

I also burned the Lemongrass together with it and as usual, same as the Bamboo one.

Will I repurchase? No. Maybe! But no matter how hard I try to love these candles, I was really disappointed with the votive ones, but the 2oz were good I must say and I recommend trying their Cranberry Spice scent!

So much for the hype. I wanted to try their other products and I’ll give the other scents a shot, maybe I was given a bad candle? Or maybe the reason the votive ones were on buy one get one is because it’s an old stock. I should have gotten White Tea & Ginger instead of the votives. 🙁

The votive one costs 129php/ea and the 2oz costs 189php/ea. Alice Blue Candles were available at Glorietta 3.

Have a good day bella!


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