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Le Lifestyle Diaries: Alice Blue Candle Deluxe Edition in Palawan Mystique

Alice Blue Hand-poured Soy Wax Candle
Ever since Alice Blue Candle came in the market last 2005, I got hooked. A friend introduced me to it and right then and there, I know I have to have their candles in my life. I was enthralled with their scents, classy packaging and the fact that their candles are hand-poured and made from Soy wax (From the soy plant which is a renewable source and also biodegradable). I’m pretty sure Alice Blue was the first in the Philippines to have that kind of candles readily available in the market.
Alice Blue takes their candles seriously. They only use premium fragrance oils and high-quality cotton and paper wicks to create a longer lasting and highly fragrant candles.
The difference of soy candles from the paraffin candles is that the soy candles burn longer than the paraffin candles.

My favorite scents from Alice Blue are White Tea and Ginger and Berry Crumble. If I’m not mistaken, these two are also their best-sellers. I really love that in just a matter of minutes my room smells like heaven and the scent actually stays in the room especially in an air-conditioned room.

Last Saturday, I got the Alice Blue Deluxe Edition Candle in Palawan Mystique (5 oz) and I was so excited to light the baby up.

The scent reminds me of the sea, sand and sun along the immaculate shores of Palawan. It is kinda citrus-y and floral-y at the same time with a hint of a clean scent. I just can’t put into words how wonderful the scent is. I guess I could say that is “summer in a candle”. Its like your room is instantly transported in Palawan when you get a whiff of the scent. All you need is the sound of waves and you’re set for a relaxing day or night. It is just divine.
So, have you tried Alice Blue Candle? Share your thoughts!
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