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alice blue candle in chocolate orange

I do love me a good soy candle. Soy candles and soy wax tarts are my home fragrance weaknesses! I love how they can make a room feel and look so cozy. Alice Blue Candle Inc.’s creations are high-quality soy candles, and they have a nice scent list with a number of foodie scents, which I’m partial to.

Alice Blue Candle in Chocolate Orange

What the company says about the product:

Alice Blue candles are hand-poured and made of soy wax, which is biodegradable and comes from a renewable resource (the soy plant). We take pride in our soy candles. We use only premium fragrance oils and high-quality cotton and paper wicks to create longer-lasting and highly fragrant candles. These candles are manufactured in the Philippines from imported raw materials and are hand-crafted under strict quality standards.

Orange Chocolate – a cup of delicious, creamy, sweet orange chocolate.

My mom dropped by the Alice Blue Candle stand at Glorietta and picked out the Orange Chocolate scent for me since the ones I’d asked for (Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Mint) were out of stock. It’s not a scent I’d typically go for, but when I lit the candle, I found the light, sweet scent very pleasing, and uplifting as well. It’s a sweet and creamy, not sourish, mix that is equal parts chocolate and orange, and it does smell like a piece of yummy candy, yet the scent isn’t cloying or overwhelmingly sweet.

This is the 1.75oz votive candle, which has a 10-15 hour burn time. This candle is ideal for smaller areas, such as powder rooms, but I place this in our bedroom, and leaving it burning for about 20 minutes is enough to make the room smell good, but not so saturated with scent.

You might be wondering what the difference is between a soy wax candle and the typical paraffin wax candle. I prefer soy candles because they produce nearly no soot, comes from a renewable resource as Alice Blue has said, and they’re supposed to last longer. They’re easy to clean off too—if you spill some molten wax on a surface, just wash it off with soap and water and it’s gone.

The cute blue box!

what i like about the alice blue candle in chocolate orange:

• It smells light and sweet.Equal parts chocolate and orange! It’s just great. A cozy scent for the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.
• I burn the votive Alice Blue candle once or twice daily for about 20 minutes, and these last weeks for me before they completely burn out.
• The candle produces nearly no visible soot.
• The packaging is so quaint and elegant. Love the blue boxes and the milk-colored little glass candle itself.
• The price is right. The 1.7oz votives, which are the smallest size, are PhP 189 each. They’re well worth their price. Larger-sizes are also available. My mom has one of their double-wick, ceramic bowl candles and it’s super cute.
• The owners replied quickly and warmly to my emails when I ordered online.

what i don’t like about the alice blue candle in chocolate orange:

• not really a negative point, but i just wish they’d expand their stores and also launch a branch here in the southern part of metro manila. their shops are located in makati and quezon city.


I think it’s already apparent that I love Alice Blue candles. Orange Chocolate is a lovely, uplifting scent which I and my household members quite like. The 1.75oz votive candle is a great way to try out one or two of their scents, and PhP 189 is a fair price. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to make their home feel even more homey, and nicer smelling. 🙂 I think they’d make nice gifts too.




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