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Alice Blue “Palawan Mystique” Candle | If Marc Jacobs’ Daisy had a candle…

I’ve begun to realize I’m a bit of a scent whiz or have developed a nose.  I don’t mean that I’ve memorized the identities of tons of fragrance notes or anything like that but when it comes to matching up fragrances or identifying that something smells a WHOLE LOT like something else, I’m your gal.  Not sure how long this “skill” is going to hang around but I’m positively sure I’ve still got it coz I just discovered something wonderful.  I’ve sniffed and found out that locally crafted Filipino soy candle brand Alice Blue (around since 2005, I was on Venus or perhaps Pluto…) have a candle that smells way too much like the Marc Jacobs’ Daisy fragrance, 2011’s summer sellout version Eau So Fresh to be exact.  I proudly got it, it’s called “Palawan Mystique”.



Palawan Mystique Deluxe Candle| Php529.00 for 5 oz. hand-poured soy candle, candle holder Php199 | Proudly Philippine-Made
Scents of the Underground River and ‘Last Frontier’ island. Fresh marine accord and rainforest with bergamot, orris, musk, boise de rose and amber. 

Can I just say this, this is the most quickly fragrant candle I have at the moment, the others I own get fragrant as well (I still love the complexity and build of imported scents) but it takes a good 15-20 minutes before they do fill the room completely with fragrance.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a soy candle base but this candle makes the room smell good faster, the catch from what I’ve observed is it burns down slightly faster too, but just slightly. Read more to get the full review, pricing, and tips on usage.

To save after about 30 minutes of burning when the top is completely liquid blow it out and the wet wax will scent the room gently for about 30-45 minutes even after it’s not burning anymore.


I just checked and the only common notes between Palawan Mystique and MJ Daisy Eau So Fresh are wild rose and musk supported by fruits and tender florals, but I think because both notes comprise the main heart of both scents they’re an almost (let’s leave room) unmistakeable match.  The Palawan Mystique scent is part of the deluxe tropical range which comes in special frosted glass.  The deluxe scents like this one only come in the 5 oz. size, not the smaller size, sadly, but I’m also interested to try Mediterranean Fig which is available in the small size.  What’s lovely though is this sprawling leaves candle holder which costs about Php199 (sorry, amnesia) separately (I’m getting one more).  It looks like this should also be able to cradle Diptyque’s 6 0z. candle size since it’s got a little more space to spare. From personal experience I’ll already tell you the holder won’t fit Jo Malone’s 7 oz. candles.  Diptyque’s 6oz. candles if I’m not wrong are just slightly taller than this Alice Blue one, to be sure buy an Alice blue candle holder and feel free to bring it with you to Rustan’s to check if it fits the Diptyque 6 0z-ers.  The leaves are a very classy Christmas or even spring appropriate design and they cradle the candle without covering it completely.


The website AliceBlueCandle.com contains the scent descriptions as well for all collections, but photos are not up to date.  However, I know most of you would prefer to smell ALL their candles in one go so you can decide and the only way to do that is to find them in person at the following establishments.  They have that website but I’m not sure if that’s still active for online purchases, it’s confusing because they also have a Shopinas page that doesn’t feel “maintained”, so it’s better to go to their counters in malls personally or call them.  You can follow Alice Blue candles online via their Facebook page, mobile 0917-8CANDLE (09178226353), email:manager@alicebluecandle.com or landline (632) 994-8500.




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