25 Oct Random Rants by Rhea: Room Sweet Room with Alice Blue (Review)

How many times have I written about this?
I guess this post would serve as my formal review of their products.

I’ve only known the brand for about 2 months, yet I’m in love. In the span of two months, I’ve tried 3 products from Alice Blue. The first one was their reed diffuser, a gift from my sister. The second one was their 6 ounce candle in White Tea and Ginger, and the one I’m currently using is their 8 or 9 ounce candle in Berry Crumble. Each one of those three products are very well loved.

Five of the nights from that two months wasn’t spent in my room. Three of those nights were spent at a hotel with family, and two were spent at friends’ houses.
What’s the relevance of this information?
When I come home to my room, it always smells like my Alice Blue products. Whether it be my Relaxing Lavender scented reed diffuser, or my sweet smelling Berry Crumble candle, the smell of Alice Blue has been the smell of room. Even my cabinet smells like the almost-finished White Tea and Ginger candle. I know I didn’t like that scent very much at first, but I found that placing it smells better in my cabinet.

Alice Blue Lavender Reed Diffuser

Out of all the Alice Blue products, this is the one I love most. I already wrote about this in my post entitled Aromatherapy. Click here to view that post. My second sister bought her own Pomegranade Reed Diffuser from Alice Blue, and she loooves it as much as I do. I guess the only down side to this, is that they only have 3 scents available.

Alice Blue White Tea and Ginger Candle

This scent is one of their best sellers, but I find it very subtle. If you’re looking for a subtle scent, I would recommend this, and Mediterranean Fig.

Alice Blue Berry Crumble Pillar Candle

Another one of their best sellers. Out of all their best sellers, this one has the strongest scent. This scent fills up my room even when the candle is not lighted. It smells so good, and with the pretty packaging, it looks and smells good enough to eat! Haha! (Please don’t). Out of all the candle sizes, I feel like you’re really going to get your money’s worth with the pillar candles. According to their SA, this size burns up to 100 hours!

According to them, their candles are “hand-crafted with the highest quality fragrance oils, a soy wax base, and lead free wicks to produce a clean burn“. Their candles are also proudly Philippine-made. They even have scents such as Boracay Shores, Palawan Mystique, and Sampaguita!

Now I feel like it wouldn’t be home sweet home, or in this case, room sweet room, without Alice Blue scents.

I’m sharing this because of my love for Alice Blue Candles, or maybe because I’m just being sentimental. In a few months I’ll only be home during the weekends. 🙁 How sad is that?

So I thought I wanted my “new room” to smell like my real room, if my roommate permits, with the help of Alice Blue products. However, I wouldn’t want to strip my real room from the Alice Blue smell. So as early as now, I already told my mom to buy me a new Alice Blue Reed Diffuser to bring with me to my “new room”. She said yes, by the way. Haha!

I know I’m over thinking the future, but I’m really anxious. 😛

Anyway, Alice Blue can be found at Glorietta 3, Rockwell Power Plant, and Trinoma. You can view their site here, and their Facebook page here.

I bought the candles with my own money, but the reed diffuser was given to me by my eldest sister!
Hope you enjoyed this post!


Random Rants:

  • I woke up early today! I love breakfasts, but I don’t like waking up early. Today we had bacon! I realized that I haven’t had bacon in a while.
  • It’s raining! *plays Rain by Priscilla Ahn*
  • I haven’t picked up The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest for days! It’s the middle of February, and I haven’t finished a single book!
  • This is another scheduled post. I’ll make a new category for scheduled post, just so you know when it’s real time or scheduled. 😉




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